Pete Buttigieg and the Problem With Being Practically Perfect In Every Way

by Phaylen FairchildJun 14, 2019 (

Having watched over 30 hours of Buttigeig interviews, town hall events and speeches, I am overwhelmed at how warmly he is received by his developing base.

The problem with Pete Buttigieg is nothing other than the fact that he is remarkably intimidating. As where unwavering Trump supporters revel in his savagery and rejoice every time he thumps on his chest in baboon-like fashion as he discredits federal agencies, the media and hides behind his complicit senators in congress while he thumbs his nose at the law, Pete presents himself as a man who would enforce that law rather than wall himself behind a league of party allies who fear him.

Pete Buttigieg scares the hell out of the establishment. He has those like Mitch McConnell, who has served for over 30 years in his capacity, trembling at the notion he may suddenly find himself beholden to the constitution rather than bank on favor earned from blind allegiance. Buttigieg is a threat to career politicians, tribal politics and corrupt lobbyists. No one would be auditioning for a place in his cabinet, but rather expected to do their job on behalf of the American people- the ones they were elected to represent.

Buttigieg speaks with a refined nuance that we haven’t heard in years. Although his qualifications remain indisputable, Buttigieg’s uncanny ability to always say the right thing can come across as obnoxious. Like the kid in sixth grade who knew the answer to every question and was always the first to raise his hand, everyone sighs, including the teacher who eventually asks “Does anyone BUT Pete know the answer?

Trump supporters, the few that haven’t discounted him on the basis of his sexual orientation, have referred to him using typical Trumpist vernacular; Wimp. Loser. Boring. They’ve done everything from discredit his service in the military to parroting Trump’s effort at a take-down of the kindly Mayor “Mayor Pete, I don’t see at all. I think that’s a joke.

The reality is that almost everyone- at least those without a predisposed bias- either like Mayor Pete, in much the same way you fawn over a puppy in a local pet shop window or they absolutely love him. He has a growing fan base that has started to rival that of Bernie Sanders, some of whom were so incensed over his 2016 loss to Hillary Clinton they voted for Donald Trump in protest.

Buttigieg proposes to be the salve that can heal those wounds, but there are those wondering if Buttigieg is suffering from “Hall Monitor” syndrome. Which, in truth, is what we need- someone to restore order- but if Trump represents the kind of Man that middle American, middle aged men wish they could be and get away with behaving the way the President of the United states does, Pete Buttigeig is the kind of man their Mothers are disappointed they didn’t turn out to be.

Voters who support Trump out of sheer envy that he is who they wish they were, are the same who would dismiss Buttigieg out of resentment… that his example is the bar being set, and they’re nervous the rest of society would expect they should be more like and thus a bar they could never meet.

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