I left the GOP. Now I’m campaigning for Pete Buttigieg, a Progressive Democrat

Allan Wickard – Jul 30, 2019 (Medium.com)

This weekend I put my first-ever bumper sticker on my vehicle, and as a former lifelong Republican, I am proud that it is for the Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Several years ago I stepped back from being a very vocal conservative Republican, but the current occupant of the White House — his abhorrent behavior, actions and policies too often dismissed and excused by people close to me — make it impossible for me to stand on the sidelines anymore.

I don’t want to look back in 40 years, ashamed I wasn’t more vocal because it was inconvenient, or that I might ruffle some feathers of my family and friends, or that I took for granted my duty and right to speak up about who I think is best suited to lead our constitutional republic into the future.

For me, that person is head and shoulders above everyone currently running — including the incumbent. For me, that person is Pete Buttigieg.

[read in full at Medium.com]

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