Environmental Activist Dan Weeks, State Rep Morrill, And Former Mayor Of Lebanon Endorse Buttigieg

by NH Labor News – Sept 5, 2019 (NHLaborNews.com)

Yesterday, Dan Weeks, an environmental advocate, clean energy entrepreneur, and the 2016 Democratic Nominee for Executive Council District Five announced his endorsement of Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president. 

“Pete’s climate plan brings the fresh solutions and urgency needed to avert climate catastrophe and that’s why I’m proud to endorse him for president. While most of our political leaders have dawdled or outright denied the climate crisis, we the people have faced its full effects,” said Dan Weeks. “In New Hampshire, the Seacoast has been inundated by floods and rising seas. Our maple trees are migrating northward and moose are dying from an explosion in ticks. Pete’s plan brings the urgency we need to beat the odds on climate change before it’s too late by uniting our entire country — and world. As a mayor, he knows top-down solutions aren’t enough, so he is empowering communities and giving them the resources they need to make our communities resilient — and lead the transition to a clean energy economy. This is exactly the kind of bold solution we need for our country, which is why I’m so proud to support Pete.”

Weeks’ announcement comes in response to Pete’s innovative plan to bring Americans together to urgently address the threat of climate change and meet the greatest challenge of our time. Pete’s plan channels all of our energies into a national project—one that unifies every American, from big cities to rural communities, around this urgent threat and seizes the tremendous opportunity of a new era of climate action. Pete’s plan takes decisive action to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution and restore American leadership to put the world on a path to limit warming to 1.5°C. It builds coalitions across the country in urban and rural areas, all while creating new American jobs and exporting our climate innovations to the rest of the world. Read the full plan here

This is the third New Hampshire endorsement Pete Buttigieg has received in the past two days. Two days ago, 12-term State Representative Susan Almy (Lebanon) endorsed Pete — and yesterday, Representative Dave Morrill (Keene) announced his support for the mayor. State Representatives Matt Wilhelm (Manchester) and Cole Riel (Goffstown) have also endorsed Pete. 

“Pete Buttigieg is the best candidate to take back the White House and bring in an administration that unifies this country,” said Representative Dave Morrill. “In a moment of growing division, Pete can unite all of America with his bold vision for the future. As a veteran and millennial Midwestern mayor, Pete stands in vivid contrast to our current president. This is the most important election in our lifetime and Pete understands that we need fresh solutions that emerge from outside Washington. With scientists warning that we only have 12 years before we hit the point of no return when it comes to our climate, we may not have another chance to get this right. That’s why I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure Pete can help us win the era — because we can’t afford not to.”

Today, the former Mayor of Lebanon and current City Councilor Suzanne Prentiss announced her endorsement of Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president. Prentiss is a former Republican and now independent who for the first time is publicly endorsing a Democratic presidential candidate in a primary.

“As the chief executive of an American city, Pete knows what it takes to deliver real results for people — and his common-sense, practical approach to government is exactly what we need in Washington,” said Lebanon City Councilor and former mayor Suzanne Prentiss. “As someone who has spent years serving in local office, I deeply admire Pete’s record as a mayor, his boots on the ground perspective, and his clear understanding of how policies impact our lives. Pete is in touch with his community — he knows the cost of a gallon of milk, and at the same time knows the cost to fill a pothole. That’s why I am proud to put my full support behind Pete Buttigieg and do whatever I can to ensure he becomes the next President of the United States.”

Prentiss was first elected to the Lebanon City Council in 2009 and was elected to serve as Mayor in 2017. She is a certified paramedic and has held several top positions managing medical emergency services in New Hampshire — including serving as the state’s EMS bureau chief, the state’s trauma coordinator, and the manager of emergency medical services at Concord Hospital’s emergency department. 

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