I Thought I Was a ‘Liberal’—But Now I Realize I’m Actually a ‘Buttigist’.

Joyce Kamen Sep 17, 2019 (Medium.com)

The Buttigist electorate embraces the humanitarian-inspired guiding principles of freedom, security and democracy

I believe that since 1776 (not a typo), there has never been a candidate of Pete’s caliber or high-minded, compassionate ideology to aspire to the nation’s highest office. Yes, I certainly count myself among Pete’s most ardent supporters, of which there are now hundreds of thousands. But there must be more. If you agree, I implore you to raise your voice in conversation, in the media, on social platforms and community gatherings to introduce others to the heart-centered ideals of Buttigistism. It is not an overstatement to assert that our lives may depend upon it.

[read in full at Medium.com]

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