Nation’s challenges require Pete Buttigieg’s leadership

by Jaci Smith – Sep 22, 2019 (

This coming presidential election will be a defining moment for our nation. In recent times, Washington has failed to take meaningful action on our most pressing issues like climate change and gun violence.

We need a president to be elected in November of 2020 who has dealt with these challenges first hand and can unite our country to find solutions, rather than widening our divisions.

Now more than ever, I believe Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the person our country needs to face these urgent challenges head on.

As a Midwestern mayor and U.S. veteran, Pete has a unique vision that has been resonating with a lot of Iowans. You can see it in the way he won over the audience at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding last month and in the large crowds he has been drawing all across the state.

His campaign organizers have shown that they can build relationships with us citizens of Iowa and educate us as to what Mayor Pete’s programs and policies are to fix and implement our legislative needs. At Mayor Pete’s Mason City office opening recently, without the candidate or a national surrogate present, nearly 70 people showed up to hear from the local organizers and enthusiastically signed up to help with the campaign.

I haven’t seen this much dedication and energy since the memorable days of the 2008 Obama Caucus campaign activity here in Iowa. Pete has the vision to win the next era for our country, and he’s building the movement needed to win the Iowa Caucus.

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