“He is the right person to unite our country”

by crusaderstaff – Sept 30, 2019 (Chicagocrusader.com)

Illinois State Rep. Lamont Robinson has endorsed Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race.

“I’m proud to endorse Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s historic candidacy for President. Pete’s message is resonating with Americans across the political spectrum and in every corner of the country,” Robinson said in a statement. “His campaign is rooted in reasoned policy proposals, not the vitriol we have coming out of Washington right now. He is the right person to unite our country to meet the most significant challenges of our generation we’re facing from climate change, an increasingly unbalanced economy, and a health care system that is bankrupting families.

“Pete is putting in the work to introduce himself to Black communities and I’m grateful that he reached out to me to help him build that trust and support. He understands that if we do not address systemic racism that it will tear our country apart. That’s why he proposed the Douglass Plan, the most comprehensive and thoughtful policy in the race to boost Black entrepreneurship and dismantle our country’s racist structures and systems. I am confident that the more members of our community get to know him, the more they will join me in supporting this once-in-a-generation candidate.”

[read in full at chicagocrusader.com]

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