“Presidential in word and deed”

by Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhDOct 1, 2019 (Medium.com)

Pete Buttigieg, the most inspiring candidate I’ve heard in the past decade, answers every question he’s asked. And he does it honestly.

Buttigieg’s arguments about choice and honesty are winning ones. Many of Buttigieg’s supporters have been uninvolved in politics or have been lifelong Republicans. They, along with actual Republicans, point to Warren’s Medicare for All position as being a bridge too far for them. Buttigieg not only has a more moderate health care policy, but he speaks in more inclusive language and grounds his campaign in the notion that the US has a crisis of belonging, and that making room for more choice and appealing to people’s best selves will help alleviate this crisis. He also takes a longer term view than other candidates. He points to 40 or 50 years down the road when today’s young people will be living with policies put in place now. He puts himself in that category, differentiating himself from candidates who are 70 and older.

While Buttigieg draws consistently large crowds in the early voting states and beyond, this hasn’t reflected yet in the polls. His fundraising is top notch (he raised $19.1 in Q3, still with only 65% name recognition). And his supporter community is different than any of the others out there. It is a mutually supportive group that tries to follow his rules of the road, which emphasize kindness, respect, and inclusion. And the community, like the candidate, emphasizes belonging and joy. It is my hope that he (and we) will reach enough people, inspire them with smart, comprehensive, and pragmatic ideas and messages of belonging, and change the momentum of the race when it counts.

Buttigieg’s intelligence, pragmatism, progressivism, inclusivity, and experience have profoundly inspired me. I find him honest, straightforward, thoughtful, and authentic, and I don’t find any of the other candidates remotely as inspiring.

I will do all I can to convince as many people as I can that Buttigieg’s pragmatic progressivism is inspiring and hopeful; and what the country wants and needs, that he has a better chance of winning the general election than any of the other candidates, and that he has proven over and over that he is presidential in word and deed.

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