“I believe in him”

by Kim Shine – Oct 02, 2019 (WNDU.com)

“I want to show him my support, that I believe in him,” painter Alex Ann Allen said.

And it’s that hometown pride that has Allen gifting her artistic talents to South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his 2020 presidential campaign. “It gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Not everyone can say that their mayor is running for president of the United States. And I think we need someone like him,” she explained.

Allen, 25, is a self-taught painter. She said her inspiration for her portrait came from the mayor’s feature in the May 13 issue of Time Magazine. “He looks genuine and you can just see it in his eyes. When you know, you know. It felt right,” she said.

Allen says Buttigieg gives her “hope” for tomorrow. She’s named her piece “Imagine” and wants Americans to “imagine the possibilities.”

The portrait is a gift from Allen, who was tapped by the campaign to work on other projects. On Thursday, Buttigieg’s campaign will host the grand opening of his field office in South Bend, his first field office in Indiana. The finished painting will hang as a wall display in the field office.

[read in full at WNDU.com]

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