Why I believe Mayor Pete can beat Trump

Maggie 4 Mayor Pete For America

*This is a long read, so feel free to only read or watch what you want to, please don’t feel compelled to read it all* You can also go to www.meetpete.org to search any topic and see related videos.

The most important question a candidate has to be able to answer is: Why are you running for President: https://meetpete.org/IpeNWhbbyDI.html?time=41

This is a moment that calls for something completely new, and it would be good to have voices from the industrial Midwest which my party largely ignored in 2016. A President from the millennial generation has more of a stake in the future of climate change, we grew up experiencing school shootings leading to a greater willingness to enact gun reform, and we’ll be responsible for the fiscal mess of the current tax policy.

While it is a non traditional path, he has 8 years of executive-on-the-ground experience, we would be…

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