Why My Guy Should Be Your Guy Too

by Joyce KamenOct 5 (Medium.com)

“Your guy is on MSNBC,” my 94-year-old dad wrote to me in a text message last week.

“Thanks, Dad,” I responded. “Already watching him.”

Just to be clear, Dad is not the only person who calls Pete Buttigieg “your guy” when communicating to me about Pete. In fact, right before the last debate, my best friend turned to me and said, “Joyce, I like your guy the best of all.” And while having lunch with a group of women recently, one turned to another and said, “Joyce’s guy is so good. I saw him on Fox News and he got a standing ‘O.’”

A couple of thoughts. First, they are all correct. Pete most certainly is “my guy” for President. So there’s that. Second, IamThisClose to shouting “Damn! He needs to be your guy too!!!” at the top of my lungs whenever “your guy” is uttered in reference to Pete. And third, why the heck is he almost always “your guy” instead of “Pete”, “Mayor Pete” or even “MY guy?”

Among the top four candidates, Pete is definitely the new guy in town. Not known on the national stage prior to entering the race last spring, Pete has had to build his brand from the ground up, and in rally after rally, give voters reasons to believe — and trust — that he could be their guy. Would they commit themselves to giving a Pete a shot? Here was a young, brilliant, accomplished, unbelievably articulate, ex-military, religious, gay married man who had never worked in Washington, but who went home instead to serve his beloved South Bend as its mayor. He is definitely a “something different” candidate. So was 45 — though the similarities between the two stop right there. Voters tried something different in 2016, and we see now just how well that turned out. Would they (could they?) chance it again?

In my opinion, they must. Pete is that once-in-a-lifetime candidate whose time is NOW. No other candidate offers a skill set like his in these desperate times.

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In order for Pete to become “your guy” too, read and watch all you can about Pete. Only then will you really know for certain if you will call him “my guy.” Here’s a quote from Pete that will get you started on your way. It’s one of my favorites:

“We need to come together as one…and I believe that is the purpose of the president. That is what the presidency is for. The function of the presidency is not the glorification of the president. It is the unification of the people around dealing with the biggest challenges that we face.”

That’s my guy. #RollUpYourSleeves

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