Why Pete Buttigieg: so many reasons


buttigieg_vogue Photo from Vogue, April 2019.

It’s no secret that Mayor Pete Buttigieg has my vote in the primary. I could happily support most of the candidates currently running in the general election if he does not end up being the candidate, but I believe with every fiber of my being that Buttigieg is the person that we need in the Oval Office in 2021.

There’s no shortage of media coverage to try to explain why Buttigieg has captured people’s attention, but I still think it is worth explaining why he’s captured MY attention.

  • Demeanor and personality

The person who sits in the office of the US President leads the nation – and the world – by personal example. It’s not entirely about what the individual does in terms of policies; it’s also about what that person does in terms of how they speak about other people, what they choose to…

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