Pete Buttigieg picks up more endorsements from Ohio Democrats

By Jeremy Pelzer – (

Ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate in suburban Columbus, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg picked up endorsements from ex-Ohio Senate Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni, state Rep. Casey Weinstein, and 2018 congressional nominee Ken Harbaugh, among others.

While Buttigieg only received 5 percent support in a recent Ohio presidential primary poll, he has a number of endorsements from Ohio Democrats, having already won the support of Mayors Nan Whaley of Dayton, John Cranley of Cincinnati, and David Berger of Lima.

Schiavoni, a Youngstown-area attorney who unsuccessfully ran for governor last year, said in an interview that areas like the Mahoning Valley could benefit from the same types of initiatives Buttigieg led as mayor of South Bend to create jobs, attract young people and stabilize neighborhoods.

“He steps up to the plate with real plans to get things done that impact people’s lives, and he explains it in a way that it’s sensible, it’s concise, he has a real down-to-earth approach,” Schiavoni said. “And I think he has a very measured temper, which is really important for our country right now.”

Weinstein, a former Hudson city councilman, also cited Buttigieg’s experience as mayor as a selling point for his candidacy. While Weinstein yielded that the office of president is “orders of magnitude” above the mayorship of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, he said municipal government is “an excellent proving ground for leadership.”

Weinstein and Harbaugh — who are U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy veterans, respectively – lauded Buttigieg’s experience in the U.S. Naval Reserve, during which he was deployed to Afghanistan. Harbaugh said Buttigieg’s military service is a “stark contrast” to that of President Donald Trump, who received five draft deferments.

“I love that he’s got a common-sense approach to everything,” Harbaugh said.

Buttigieg’s campaign also announced endorsements from additional Ohio Democrats, including:

  • Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice James P. Celebrezze
  • Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman
  • Toledo City Councilman Nick Komives
  • Newark City Councilman Sean Fennell
  • David Donofrio, South-Western [Franklin County] City Schools Board of Education member

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