Buttigieg is Biden’s Heir Apparent

By playing to the middle during last night’s debate, Buttigieg has finished off the Biden campaign without saying a word against Joe Biden.

by Munr Kazmir (International Policy Digest) – Oct 17, 2019 (Medium.com, abridged)

Surprise: It is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, not Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who will ultimately take Joe Biden out of the race.

Steak Fry with Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 21, 2019 (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete for America)

With Biden wavering, it isn’t just his status as front-runner that is up for grabs. By going for the moderates, Buttigieg has moved in for the kill on the Biden campaign in the best possible way.

It is a brilliant strategy.

While his competitors competed with each other to become the left’s new tax and spend progressive poster-person, Buttigieg proved onstage that he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Steak Fry in Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 21, 2019 (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete for America)

This may be because Pete Buttigieg, perhaps by virtue of being little more than a small-town mayor, actually understands the working-class much better than do his congressionally-distinguished counterparts.

Ignoring the economy, job gains, wage gains, and historically low unemployment numbers is making Democrats appear out of touch and elitist.

Do you think someone working paycheck to paycheck isn’t willing to put up with a few nasty Tweets for a bigger paycheck or a better job? Think again.

Working-class and middle-class voters, those nebulous ill-defined demographics, understand something that everyone who has ever lived on the street, or one paycheck away from the street, and every person who has hustled to make a living or scraped by paycheck to precious paycheck, understands that Democratic elites have forgotten:

“Cash rules everything around me.” The Wu-Tang Clan, the middle-class, working-class, and Donald Trump understand this.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, even with all her skillful waffling on raising taxes on the middle-class, does not. At least Sen. Bernie Sanders is honest enough to admit his plans require raising taxes.

Democrats busy trying to pander to Twitter’s radical-left woke mob with each new successive outrage . . . are doing so at the direct expense of the working and middle classes.

Most voters are more concerned with their paychecks. Only about 7% of Americans even bother with Twitter at all.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg with Joe Biden at Galivants Ferry Stump, SC, Sept. 16, 2019. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

With Biden, Democrats had a candidate who at least appeared to care about the great unwashed masses in fly-over country. At least he never called them deplorable or accused them of clinging to their guns and Bibles.

But with Biden having been all but taken out of the race through the combined efforts of his son Hunter and Donald Trump, the clamor for a practical, moderate Democrat has become louder than ever.

Pete Buttigieg, with his disarming charm and Christian faith, maybe just the Democrat other Democrats, from every side of the tracks, would be proud to vote for.

[read in full at Medium.com]

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