“Pete Buttigieg had me at hello”

by Nancy Babcock – Oct 17, 2019 (AikenStandard.com)

Pete Buttigieg had me at hello – or more precisely, his first paragraph, the first time I heard him speak. My malaise over any of the talked about possible presidential candidates suddenly was over. Pete was articulate, intelligent, sensible and calm – I especially loved the calm.

I loved his confidence without a trace of arrogance – it was soothing to hear someone who obviously had a handle on things, and who made sense. There was no rancor, just facts. He was humble. He was transparent. He had committed to giving up eight years of his life to save his hometown from ruin, and in addition, had given seven months of military service in Afghanistan.

Pete has no pretenses. He is as he appears–down-to-earth, earnest, honest, sincere, capable, kind and 100% unflappable.

Watching the Democratic presidential candidates debate, I see everyone – except Pete – verging at times on hysteria, raising their voices in disagreement with each other or maybe just to make some point. Then, I see Pete standing there calmly with dignity, not joining the fray. When he does speak, it’s the calm, again, that always gets me – the calm and the command of the situation, always having detailed answers backed by facts. No hesitation, no dodging the question or hedging his answers, straightforward and to the point, no hype, no fluff, no nonsense –that’s Pete.

I’m voting for a person of the highest level of integrity, intelligence, ethics and morality. I’m voting for a person of superior character, whose motives are pure and who has all Americans’ interests at heart. I’m voting for a person who is compassionate and kind, and yet tough in sticking to what’s right. Pete gives me hope in what has seemed a hopeless situation. Pete is my inspiration.

For those who say, “it’s not his time – give him another few years,” I say, we don’t have the luxury of time; it’s now or never. We desperately need Pete Buttigieg now.

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