The leader our country needs now

by Doug Hunt – Oct 26, 2019 (, abridged)

Pete Buttigieg is the most seasoned of the Democrats running for president, and here’s why.

As a Democrat I am generally proud of the field of presidential candidates. Many of them have excellent credentials and backgrounds. But Mayor Pete is a kind of “time traveler.” To me, as a former state senator and always a student of history, I find that he has a unique “touch” for the history of our country. And you need that sense of the past if you are to forge our collective path to the future.

Mayor Pete I believe is aware that even in the most trying times, the American people respond to calls for unity in a common cause. I’m sure he is familiar with Alexander Hamilton’s phrase in support of the new, proposed Constitution back then that there must be “energy in the executive,” that a president is the navigator for all of us as Americans.

It appears to me that Mayor Pete throughout his life even to date knows — by learning, by living, by instinct — that there is a glory in the governing of this land and that we need to bring it back to the fore.

For all the turmoil in these times, we are blessed not to have lived through the American Civil War, but one of Lincoln’s phrases at the conclusion of that terrible time does apply. He spoke of “binding up the wounds” of the nation and moving forward. I don’t know Pete well, but I know the story of this nation and so does Pete. He is the navigator our country needs so that all of us can restore the good will we owe one another, that we owe to those who will inherit the land we love.

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