“The Buttigieg campaign feels more like a movement than a typical campaign”

by Constance Bair-Thompson – Oct 26, 2019 (Medium.com, abridged)

I have said for a while that the Buttigieg campaign feels more like a movement than a typical campaign.

Pete’s policies are all beautifully interconnected in a holistic way — seeking to get at the root causes of some of the most intractable issues facing our country. Like his policies, my experience volunteering in many different ways to help propel this amazing candidate to the Presidency has made me realize how inter-connected we as Americans are and how it will take all of us to come together and do the work to make our country that more perfect union described in the preamble to the Constitution — regardless of what happens in this election.

Volunteering for Pete has also connected me to so many wonderful, smart, talented and kind people I would never have known otherwise. They are all fierce and effective advocates for our chosen candidate and are undoubtedly people I will remain connected to long after the dust settles the day after election day in November 2020.

[read in full at Medium.com]

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