Musician Ben Harper Supports Pete Buttigieg for President

Ben Harper participates in a pre-event rally for Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Des Moines, Iowa November 1, 2019 (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete For America)

“Pete has got to, got to take the lead.”

Harper: “It is such an honor to be here, truly, to be a voice in this choir is an honor for me. I feel like—you’re all out here in the rain like this is incredible.”

Mayor Pete’s family was in attendance both at the pre-rally, rally, and dinner. From left to right: Pete Buttigieg’s mother, mother-in-law, husband, and father-in-law. (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete For America)
Supporters of Pete Buttigieg, and Flat Pete as well, brave the cold November rain as they listen to Ben Harper at a pre-rally for Pete. (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete For America)

Before he played “Call It What It Is”, a song about racial injustice and systemic racism in the American police force and society as a whole, Harper spoke on Pete Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan:

“I want to say how much I revere and respect Pete’s Douglass Plan. It narrows the racial divide in a very specific and special way, in a revolutionary way. You know we all come from different places but Lord knows we’re all on the same planet.”

Harper’s final song came after Pete made his rally speech. He played “Better Way”:

Fools will be fools
And wise will be wise
But I will look this world
Straight in the eyes

What good is a man
Who won’t take a stand
What good is a cynic
With no better plan

I believe in a better way

by Ashley Iasimone – Nov 3, 2019 (

Ben Harper showed his support of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg as musical guest at the Iowa Democrats’ Liberty and Justice Celebration Friday night (Nov. 2).

Performing at a pre-dinner rally held outside Des Moines’ Wells Fargo Arena, where the evening’s event took place, Harper endorsed Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind.

During opening number “People Lead,” he reworked his lyrics: “When Pete takes the lead,” he emphasized about the presidential hopeful during the song’s chorus. “Pete take your lead.”

Harper also played “With My Own Two Hands” and “Call It What It Is” to the rally crowd.

“Pete Buttigieg for president!” he shouted at the end of his set, which can be viewed in the video below.

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