Iowa Went Nuts for Mayor Pete

Is this a Precursor to Victory?

by Tez Anderson – Nov 4, 2019 (, abridged)

I’m sixty. I imagined a day when an openly LGBTQ person would run for President and actually have a shot at becoming President. I thought it would happen long after I was dead. But it’s happening now. By sheer force of his ideas and vision for America, he’s got a real shot at this. It helps he’s smart as fuck and puts words together with the magic of a master. Understand I’m not voting for him because he is gay. I’m voting for him because he’s the best person running.

My love of Pete stems from when I went to one of his early rallies in San Francisco and was impressed. He made sense to me. That was before he rolled out his policies and platform. I read each of his papers, and they made sense to me. I’m known for being “logical.” So I like his logic.

One of the things I like most about him is he refuses to label himself one way or another. Other people feel a need to put those labels on him. I like his refusal to play ball with those who proclaim he is not “progressive enough, not gay enough, not experienced enough.”

He’s forward-thinking and sees the world differently. I think it has something to do with his being closeted. He came out publicly in the middle of his reelection as Mayor of South Bend. I do not know what the test for being gay enough even. His ideas are unique and transformational. I’m not voting for He has even spoken about the dangers of identity politics. His bravery and intellect are what I’m drawn to. It is a new vision of America, and he speaks to people who do not live in the bubbles of San Francisco or New York. I love my bubble, but to get the rest of America there, it will take some persuading.

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