“I would only get up this early for Pete”

by Paul Steinhauser – Nov 11, 2019 (SeaCoastOnline.com, abridged)

PORTSMOUTH — Diane McHenry says she doesn’t like to get up early.

The Elliot, Maine, resident, who has lived on both sides of the Piscataqua River over the years, says, “I’m retired. I never get up.”

But McHenry, an avid supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, got up early on Monday for a chance to say hello to the South Bend, Indiana mayor.

McHenry and a couple of dozen other supporters and volunteers for the Buttigieg campaign in New Hampshire gathered at 7 a.m. – for a brief chance to chat with the candidate at Ceres Bakery – a decades-old popular spot in downtown Portsmouth.

“I would only get up for Pete,” she said.

Karen Andersen of Portsmouth joined McHenry.

“We saw Pete the first time he came to Portsmouth in March or April,” Andersen recalled. Asked why she was hooked, she said, “Just the way he spoke, how smart he is, how un-angry he is.”

“We’ve done – right from the beginning – we’ve done some of the service stuff that they (Buttigieg campaign) do. They do stuff for the community while they talk about the mayor,” she shared.

And Andersen said she’s trying to spread the word.

“Last week I had a wine tasting,” she noted. “Had people come and it was a really good discussion.”

Buttigieg on Monday was finishing up the fourth and final day of a bus tour across the Granite State.

“I’ve really valued, especially in the context of this bus tour, the role New Hampshire plays and the opportunity to break things down from the cable and internet world to human interactions, conversations in communities, in schools, in neighborhoods, and I think that’s made me a better candidate and made this process better,” he said.

[read in full at SeaCoastOnline.com]

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