Veterans for Pete

Read Pete’s plan here:






Check out videos and messages from supporters of Pete Buttigieg for President from the military community in this collage:

If you’re unfamiliar with Pete Buttigieg’s military career, please read this article from Military Times.

Per the campaign, some endorsements:

“I am in need of hope for and with our nation. And there is something about Pete’s energy and spirit that creates calmness, promotes resiliency, and instills hope.”

Sara from Nebraska

“I believe Pete will be thoughtful, acting with courage and strength to make this a nation we can be proud of at home and abroad.”

Christopher from Oregon

“I served with a special operations unit. I earned a purple heart serving my country. I believe in Pete Buttigieg and what he can do for our country because he’s had skin in the game and knows what service members have had to sacrifice.”

Isaac from Indiana

“I met Pete in Afghanistan when we were both stationed there. He so impressed us all with his savvy, wisdom, and compassion. One night I told him: “You oughta run for President.”

James from Texas

“When I listen to Mayor Pete speak, I feel hopeful that we can be the America I fought for so long ago.”

Russ from Washington, DC

“Pete focuses on the values and principles that unite us. He represents that idea that we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”

Thomas from Washington

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