Mayor Steve Adler (Austin, TX) Endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

by Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, TX – 11/13/19 (

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the answer to the call for a new generation of American leadership.

He is a part of a generation that realizes time is of the essence. As Mayor Pete says, his generation came of age with school shootings, will be on the “business end” of climate change, and risks being the first to be worse off economically than their parents.

For the past five years, I’ve watched him lead mayors across the country. Other city leaders stop to listen to what he says and learn from what he does. He answers questions directly, honestly and empathetically. He is so focused and seriously smart.

As mayors do, Pete has shown how an executive can impact lives in real and wonderful ways, and achieve concrete results when people are brought together to work toward a common end.

We don’t need to look backward to find greatness. As a presidential candidate, Mayor Pete gives us hope for a better future. Our country needs a fresh start, and Pete stands for the best America we all know we can be.

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