Former state Sen. Mark Fernald endorses Buttigieg for president

by John DiStaso – Nov 14, 2019 (

Former state Sen. Mark Fernald, who was the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 2002, has endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg, calling him “the perfect foil to Donald Trump.”

Fernald, a resident of Sharon, introduced Buttigieg at a recent town hall event in Peterborough, where Fernald was raised.

“Pete Buttigieg is the best candidate for the Democratic Party, and the candidate best suited to serve as the next President of the United States,” Fernald said. “Pete stands as the perfect foil to Donald Trump — young, energetic, and eloquent.”

“Pete is able to speak to people across the political spectrum and unite all of us around commonsense solutions to our biggest problems.”

Fernald said he was impressed by Buttigieg’s plan to try to achieve universal health care coverage but without moving to a fully government-run system.

“Rather than getting bogged down in unproductive partisan fights, Pete is putting forward bold policies that the majority of Americans have been calling for.”

The campaign said that in addition to receiving numerous endorsements, it has grown its staff from 34 to 65 people and has opened 13 offices in all 10 New Hampshire counties.

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