Mayor Pete Buttigieg truly honored veterans

by Gerald Duffy – Nov 12, 2019 (

On Veteran’s Day, I think of my two grandfathers who both served on the front lines in France during WWI and my father and mother who both served in WWII. My dad revered Americans for the vital role they played in ending that war. No-one has to support US military adventurism as a prerequisite for honoring the day.

In Rochester today, Mayor Pete Buttigieg delivered a 45-minute speech dedicated exclusively to military service people, their families, and war Veterans. He checked politics at the door. He mentioned none of his rivals for the Democratic nomination and he alluded to the President only once. He displayed an in-depth knowledge of the inside lives of US military personnel — from the experience of active service and the daily stresses that produces on the families of service people; to their world after service, including medical care, education, and new careers; to the problems that afflict returning Veterans, such as homelessness, suicide, and drug abuse. He gets all this and has a suitable portfolio of solutions.

I can only imagine that if you were a Veteran and had listened to Mayor Pete today, you would find it hard to leave the Rochester City Hall and not entertain the idea that this young man has everything it takes to be a commander-in-chief who not only fully understands that role but also steer our country away from the kind of military adventurism that has cost so many lives in the past. He even proposes national service (military or civilian) so that more Americans (especially politicians) better understand the stakes of sending young people into battle.

Today was for honoring Veterans and Mayor Pete did not stray from that task.

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