“A very intelligent person who handles stress well”

Buttigieg Hopes To Ride Rural Iowa Momentum To White House

by Justin Surrency – Nov 25, 2019 (WHOtv.com, abridged)

Hundreds packed into the Creston YMCA as recent polls show Buttigieg leading among likely caucus voters in Iowa just 3 months out from the Iowa caucuses.  “I have a lot of favorites in the democratic party.  I’m not going to turn against any of them but I sure like Pete. Mayor Pete,” said Kathy Barr from Osceola.

Mark Hensley voted independent party in 2016 but Buttigieg has garnered his attention.  Hensley said, “Pete’s a very intelligent person who handles stress well. I think he has a good plan for so many different areas.”

Pride that Larry Phillips of Lamoni hopes to experience the day after election day.  “We need somebody in the White House that can be a uniter rather than a divider,” said Phillips.

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