Three-term state Rep. David Woodbury of New Boston backs Buttigieg

by John DiStaso – Jan 9, 2020 (, abridged)

Three-term state Rep. David Woodbury of New Boston is the 13th member of the New Hampshire House to endorse former Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president.

Woodbury returned to the House in 2018 as part of midterm “Blue Wave” that saw Democrats regain the legislative majority.

According to the Buttigieg campaign, Woodbury is the sixth House member who flipped a Republican seat in 2018 to later endorse the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor. Woodbury joins fellow New Boston state Rep. Donna Mombourquette, who endorsed Buttigieg in September.

Woodbury said Buttigieg has the best chance of defeating President Donald Trump in November, adding that the former mayor “genuinely inspires me.”

“In September at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, I felt the excitement and raw emotion that he generated among the crowd that day, and I’ve seen it in homes and community gatherings when people simply mention his name. Rather than further dividing us, Pete is bringing people together around bold solutions to our greatest challenges, particularly health care.

“He has put forward a plan to fix our health care system, but without splitting our nation and causing millions to lose their care.”

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