Mayor Terence Roberts (Anderson, SC) endorses Pete Buttigieg for president

by Kathy Pierre – Jan 28, 2020 (Anderson Independent Mail)

Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts is backing Democrat Pete Buttigieg for President, according to a press release.

“Pete will bring an attitude of personal accountability to Washington working daily to heal our nation by focusing on our shared values and collective goals,” Roberts said, according to the press release. “He is running to bring the same transformative approach he brought to his city to our country—and I’m proud to stand with him in that effort.”

Roberts, mayor of Anderson since 2006, said he met with Buttigieg last week in Columbia and liked his plans and experience.

“I think Pete understands the challenges that the country faces,” Roberts said. “I like the idea that he’s a mayor — has been a mayor and somewhat walked the same shoes as me in South Bend, Indiana, and I think that is paramount to trying to bring our country together.”

Roberts said he had conversations with Tom Steyer and Joe Biden’s staff, as well as endorsing Cory Booker prior to him dropping out of the race.

“I’ve felt an obligation to have those conversations with people who could be president of our country.”

For Roberts, the ways in which Buttigieg governed South Bend have been promising.

He never ducked an issue. If he had a difficult situation, he didn’t sidestep it. Just like a lot of us who are mayors, we have to listen to our constituents and listen to their frustrations. He’s done a good job of doing that and he’s changed a lot of things in South Bend.

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