About #IAmTeamPete

A Viral Tweet

On July 1, 2019, Pete Buttigieg published the following tweet:

Later that day, inspired by a video recorded by Twitter user @AeshaShabazz who proudly declared “we are Pete Buttigieg”, a supporter of Pete Buttigieg, @Med4Pete, tweeted a short bio:

Following suit, Pete Buttigieg supporter @Anthropology4P published a similar tweet:

Soon after, the phrase “I am #TeamPete” and hashtag #IAmTeamPete went viral. Hundreds of Twitter users supportive of Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign tweeted similar short biographies, some tweets receiving hundreds of Likes and dozens of Retweets.

The reason behind this viral trend was clear: Team Pete wanted to be seen as the diverse group of supporters it is. Everyone has a story to share, and their story is the foundation of this campaign.

In early July, Pete had only been officially running for president for less than three months, and there were people who doubted his ability to unite a diverse enough base to truly win the Democratic nomination. Reading through the hundreds of “I am #TeamPete” tweets, it quickly becomes clear that Pete not only can unite a diverse base, but a large national—and indeed international—base that is not only willing to vote for him in the Democratic Primary but is excited to do so.

The #IAmTeamPete Video

Supporters of this movement were so energized and enthusiastic that we were inspired to create a video version of the I Am Team Pete tweets. Supporters recorded recitations of their biographic tweets (sometimes verbatim) and submitted them to our team. The resulting video was made by @kennyedit. We hope you’ll enjoy!

The below tweets belong to the supporters shown in the video.


In response to the overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter and requests by supporters, we collected every single “I am #TeamPete” and #IAmTeamPete tweet at @IAmTeamPete. Branching off of this, at @WeAreTeamPete we retweet photos of supporters of Pete Buttigieg and staff of Pete For America. We encourage you to scroll through these collections to get to know those who want Pete Buttigieg to be the 46th President of the United States. Additionally, we encourage supporters and staff to tweet their own #IAmTeamPete bio—and be sure to tag @IAmTeamPete!

At the full site IAmTeamPete.com, you can see both of these collections and more, including

These collections are also available directly on Twitter, as linked in the list above. We also link to downloadable profile pics and banners, and even links to mobile wallpapers and ringtones.

Be sure to bookmark IAmTeamPete.com and visit often, and follow @IAmTeamPete and @WeAreTeamPete on Twitter!

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