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Download #TeamPete Graphics


Download here:

Represent Team Pete!

You too can represent Pete Buttigieg and Team Pete on social media. Visit and connect your Twitter and/or Facebook account to add this overlay to your profile picture!




On Facebook, the following additional options are available (sans the center one):


To add a frame to your Facebook profile picture:

  1. Go to
  2. Click your profile picture in the bottom left and select your Page.
  3. Search for a frame by entering the frame’s name, the creator’s name or related words.
  4. Choose the frame you want to use from the results.
  5. Click Use as Profile Picture.

Download Graphics for T-shirts and Signs


These graphics have a transparent background.

I Am Team Pete printable t-shirt files:

We Are Team Pete printable t-shirt files:

Bonus! Download this image for full-bleed stickers and buttons:


(download here)

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