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Veteran Maura Sullivan of Obama admin. endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

by Maura Sullivan – Feb 4, 2020 (SeaCoastOnline.com)

Maura Sullivan is a Marine veteran, Portsmouth resident, and a former Obama administration official. The views expressed are those of the writer.

While foreign policy may seem like it occurs an ocean away on another continent, its effects are felt in our communities. Many Granite State families have loved ones proudly serving in our military — including mine. My little brother serves in the Marines and is currently deployed. My fiancé serves in the Navy and will deploy this year.

As our families face these uncertain times, this election, and who we choose as our next President, will directly impact our future. As I consider the crowded Democratic field, I keep returning to one question: Who do I trust most as commander in chief with the lives of my loved ones?

As a senior Pentagon official serving under President Obama, I saw up close how life and death decisions are made in Washington. Good leadership starts at the top with a President who has integrity, will genuinely weigh the facts, understand opposing views, exhaustively consider the consequences of a proposed course of action, and then lead with conviction, courage, and compassion.

So when I think about my fiancé and my little brother being sent into harms’ way, and the President charged with leading them, the answer is quite simple: Pete Buttigieg is the leader I trust with their lives.

I trust Pete because he has personally experienced what it means to be deployed by a commander in chief. So he will never send our young women and men into a war without a plan to win and the resources to succeed– and only after every economic and diplomatic option has been exhausted.

When politicians in Washington sent us into a war we never should have entered, I saw first-hand the effects of their disastrous decision making in 2005 as a Marine in Fallujah, Iraq. We have lost more than 6,700 American lives in Iraq, where I served, and in Afghanistan, where Pete served. Too many of them come from communities in New Hampshire.

If we want to end Washington’s dysfunction, we need to elect a leader who is rooted in the realities of the American people — not politics as usual.

Pete is that leader.

We are in a moment like no other – this election will determine the course of our country and our global community not just for the next four years, but for generations to come. Consider the strategic threats we are running out of time to address. As sea levels rise, our infrastructure crumbles. Health care costs soar as our nation splinters. The stock market climbs as wages stagnate.

But we can change all that. Pete has the vision, intellect, and strategy to turn the page on the chaos and unite our country so we can finally start facing these unprecedented challenges and delivering meaningful results for all of our families.

There are tough days ahead for all of us — but we have faced challenges before, and we have always come together as a community and a nation to overcome them. Let’s not forget what we did just 12 years ago.

The energy I see around our state for Pete reminds me of what I saw in 2008 when I volunteered to knock doors in Manchester for another young inspirational leader from the Midwest with a funny name — Senator Barack Obama. Before the primaries, some questioned his ability to win, but a strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire changed the narrative. I will never forget watching him accept the Democratic party’s nomination in Denver — and feeling so full of hope and optimism for our country.

As Democrats, we know when we let fear overtake hope in the ballot box, we come up short. But when we dare to follow our hopes and our hearts toward an exciting, young, fresh faced Washington outsider with a vision for a strong today and a better tomorrow — we win. And win this year we must — there’s too much at stake.

So let’s turn the page on all the chaos and division that we’ve come to expect from Washington and restore character and integrity to the White House. Let’s build an economy that works for working and middle class families again. Let’s fix our healthcare system and tackle climate change. Pete represents our best hope to do all that and more. With Pete, we can finally put the failed and dangerous leadership in Washington behind us.

And so, with that same spirit of hope, of belief in a brighter future, and optimism for a greater tomorrow for America that delivered us a victory in 2008, please join me in voting for Pete Buttigieg for President in the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Feb. 11.

Annie Kuster endorses Pete Buttigieg for President, is named national campaign co-chair

SentinelSource.com – Jan 15, 2020

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster of New Hampshire has endorsed Democrat Pete Buttigieg for president and has been named a national campaign co-chair, Buttigieg’s team announced Wednesday.

With few higher-ranking Granite State Democrats, the coveted endorsement comes as a coup for the Buttigieg campaign with under a month to go to the primary Feb. 11.

Kuster’s endorsement Wednesday shrank the top echelon of possible endorsements even more, with the state’s senior U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen telling The Sentinel last month that she won’t endorse anyone in the primary as she focuses on her 2020 re-election.

Kuster, a Hopkinton resident whose Congressional district includes the Monadnock Region, compared Buttigieg, 37, to former President Barack Obama.

“Like Barack Obama before him, Pete is young, inspiring, brings fresh ideas to the table, and is motivated to win,” Kuster said in a news release from the Buttigieg campaign.

She described Buttigieg — the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. — as a unifying figure for a polarized nation.

“With our country so consumed by division, Pete Buttigieg is the leader who can finally turn the page on the Trump presidency and bring our nation together to usher in a new era where we finally solve our most urgent problems,” Kuster said. “We need a leader who recognizes that the office of the presidency has the power to bridge our differences — and Pete Buttigieg is that leader.”

Kuster has represented New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District since 2013.

She will join U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., who was named as the Buttigieg campaign’s first chair last week. Like Buttigieg, Brown served overseas in the military. He received a Bronze Star from his deployment in Iraq. He’s also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, vice chair of the Committee on Armed Services, and was Maryland’s lieutenant governor from 2007 to 2015.

Pro-choice leader Jennifer Frizzell endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

by John DiStaso – Jan 16, 2020 (WMUR.com, abridged)

On the heels of U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster’s endorsement of Pete Buttigieg for president, another pro-choice leader in the Granite State has also signed on with the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor.

Jennifer Frizzell, director of policy for the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, called Buttigieg “a staunch ally to women and a leader who will accelerate our progress toward gender equality and reproductive justice.

“Pete has released a plan that boldly seeks to build enduring power for women and systematically breaks down the institutional barriers that reinforce gender discrimination,” Frizzell said. She also praised his plans on health care, the environment, the economy and other issues.

Three-term state Rep. David Woodbury of New Boston backs Buttigieg

by John DiStaso – Jan 9, 2020 (WMUR.com, abridged)

Three-term state Rep. David Woodbury of New Boston is the 13th member of the New Hampshire House to endorse former Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president.

Woodbury returned to the House in 2018 as part of midterm “Blue Wave” that saw Democrats regain the legislative majority.

According to the Buttigieg campaign, Woodbury is the sixth House member who flipped a Republican seat in 2018 to later endorse the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor. Woodbury joins fellow New Boston state Rep. Donna Mombourquette, who endorsed Buttigieg in September.

Woodbury said Buttigieg has the best chance of defeating President Donald Trump in November, adding that the former mayor “genuinely inspires me.”

“In September at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, I felt the excitement and raw emotion that he generated among the crowd that day, and I’ve seen it in homes and community gatherings when people simply mention his name. Rather than further dividing us, Pete is bringing people together around bold solutions to our greatest challenges, particularly health care.

“He has put forward a plan to fix our health care system, but without splitting our nation and causing millions to lose their care.”

NH Businessman and activist Gray Chynoweth endorses Pete Buttigieg for President

by John DiStaso – Jan 5, 2020 (WMUR.com, abridged)

Manchester business executive and Democratic activist Gray Chynoweth is endorsing Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president on Sunday, calling the South Bend, Indiana mayor “a leader who will bring our country together so that we may once again be a light in the world.”

Chynoweth, chief executive officer of Minim, an internet service provider, founded and co-chaired both the nonprofit Stay, Work, Play and the Manchester Young Professional Network.

Chynoweth’s first choice for president was California Sen. Kamala Harris. Chynoweth endorsed her less than two weeks before she ended her presidential campaign.

In a statement shared with New Hampshire Primary Source, Chynoweth likened Buttigieg to former President John F. Kennedy.

“A house divided cannot stand. We need a leader who will bring our country together so that we may once again be a light in the world,” Chynoweth said. “I can think of no better person to pick up the mantle of leadership and the spirit of public service that John F. Kennedy embodied than Pete Buttigieg.

“That sense of service has long directed Pete’s actions — from stepping forward, like Kennedy, to serve our country in the Navy, to stepping up to serve his community as Mayor of South Bend.

“And that sense of service has animated his campaign, which has brought together people from every political persuasion and background because they are inspired by Pete and what he represents – a new politics that is rallying Americans together behind bold ideas that will allow us to finally solve our greatest problems.”

Chynoweth said that Buttigieg inspired him to join the U.S. Navy Reserves as an intelligence officer, “and now I’m proud to be a part of his campaign.

Last month, Buttigieg was endorsed by 15 current and former elected officials and local leaders, including state Reps. Sue Newman and Ray Newman of Nashua; Nashua Alderman-at-Large Ben Clemons; Gen. Ken Clark of Stratham, who retired as the adjutant general of the New Hampshire National Guard; former Somersworth Mayor Lincoln Soldati; former Manchester Alderman Jerome Duval, and Rochester City Councilor-Elect Chris Rice.