Hollywood says hooray for Mayor Pete

by Peter Funt – July 24, 2019 (Timesrecord.com)

Reflecting Mr. Buttigieg’s ascent is the fact that his campaign raised nearly $25 million in the second quarter of 2019 – more than any other Democrat, including front-runner Joe Biden, who took in $21.5 million. Among California donors giving at least $200, Mr. Buttigieg collected more than the state’s junior Senator Kamala Harris.  

In West Hollywood Buttigieg totals are close to the sum collected by all other Democrats combined. Recent donors include Kevin Bacon, Ted Danson, Barbara Streisand, Michael J. Fox, Sharon Stone and Larry David, among others. And the latest to announce a fundraiser for Mayor Pete is Netflix Chairman and CEO Reed Hastings.  

Hollywood is home to a lot of wealthy people with an eye for young talent. They were quick to embrace the nation’s first black president and they’re excited about the prospects of putting the first openly gay man in the White House. If they cared to look at the Buttigieg campaign as they would a showbiz project, they’d be impressed by what’s going on here in Iowa.

Hollywood would love the fact that the mayor’s admirers are spending heavily on branded merchandise – hats, tee-shirts and other “Pete” gear. This is an important indicator: Those willing to wear it tend to swear by it. 

[read in full at timesrecord.com]

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