A “once-in-a-generation candidate”

by John P. Gregg – Sept 4, 2019 (VNews.com)

Lebanon City Councilor Sue Prentiss, a former mayor who had been a Republican until the Trump era, says she is backing Pete Buttigieg for president.

“First of all, America is made up of cities and towns, and who better to understand how to lead than somebody who has run a city? I see that in this guy,” Prentiss said of the South Bend, Ind., mayor in a phone interview Wednesday.

Prentiss during the 2016 presidential primary was on the steering committee for former New York Gov. George Pataki’s short-lived presidential campaign, but left the GOP two years ago and now is an independent.

A certified paramedic and former manager of emergency medical services at Concord Hospital, Prentiss accompanied Buttigieg as he walked through downtown Lebanon two weekends ago and met with residents, including firefighters and people on the street. She said he appears data-driven, has had to deal with issues like consent decrees for combined sewer overflow projects (an issue in Lebanon), and even asked about community paramedics, who can help alleviate costs on local ambulance services.

“He understood the problems cities are facing,” Prentiss said.

Also endorsing the 37-year-old Buttigieg this week is longtime state Rep. Susan Almy, a 73-year-old Lebanon Democrat and chairwoman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

“We need a president who will reach out to all Americans and remind them of our shared values and what they mean in action,” Almy said in a statement released by the Buttigieg campaign. “We need Pete Buttigieg’s ability to listen and bring people together, his calmness, competency, determination and his youth.”

Also joining the Buttigieg bandwagon is state Rep. Andrew O’Hearne, D-Claremont, a retired Claremont police officer who now serves on the City Council in Claremont.

O’Hearne, in a statement from the campaign, said Buttigieg is a “once-in-a-generation candidate.”

“We need a president like Pete who can bring fresh, practical solutions to the challenges facing this country and who isn’t stuck in the old ways of Washington,” O’Hearne said.

Former state Rep. Andy White, D-Lebanon, a former Lebanon firefighter, is also backing Buttigieg.

[read in full at VNews.com]

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