“I want passion that comes from optimism and faith—not from anger or grievance”

by John DiStaso – Sep 30, 2019 (WMUR.com)

State Rep. Diane Langley of Manchester on Monday became the 10th member of the New Hampshire House to back Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president

Also endorsing the South Bend, Indiana, mayor are Judy Carr, chair of the Hollis Democratic Committee; former Lebanon City Council member Sarah Welsch; Carol McMahon, secretary of the Wolfeboro Democrats; and Terry Reeves, former co-chair of the Peterborough Democrats.

“As a veteran who served in Afghanistan, Pete knows first-hand the impact war has on those who serve and their families,” she said. “That’s an invaluable perspective we desperately need in the White House. I’m endorsing Pete because he has the courage to actually listen to people and put forth policies, like ‘Medicare For All Who Want It,’ that will move this country forward, instead of further dividing us.”

Carr . . . called Buttigieg “thoughtful, measured and careful in his approach to policy, and he brings Americans from every walk of life together in pursuit of real solutions to our greatest challenges, rather than partisan ideology.”

Welsch . . . said Buttigieg shows “a special spark” and “reminds us of our best values, instills a sense of hope and unites our country.”

McMahon . . . said Buttigieg gives her the “same feeling as when I listened to President Obama — hopeful for the future. Before Pete, I had never heard anyone talk about addressing the crisis of belonging impacting families and communities across our state and country.

Reeves . . . called Buttigieg “brilliant (and) kind, and (he) conveys a quiet calm I find reassuring and positive. I want passion that comes from optimism and faith — not from anger or grievance.”

[read in full at WMUR.com]

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