Why Pete Buttigieg: Taxes

“Taxation is theft,” you often hear from libertarians, who are varied individuals, to say the least!

In the libertarian version of the purity vs pragmatism argument any philosophy is susceptible to, I fall into the pragmatist category, evidenced by my support of Pete Buttigieg.

Though I prefer voluntary funding, I advocate for simplification of tax code, a true flat income tax (no deductions/exemptions), ideally transitioning away from income to consumption-based taxes, and I’m open to NIT/UBI when taxes are regressive, especially over current welfare systems.

The results would be a more fair tax system & potentially increased revenues, even with lower effective tax rates. A tax and welfare combination reform could comprehensively update the structures of taxation & welfare in America for the better. Pete Buttigieg could accomplish this goal.

Though Mayor Pete may generally be too progressive on tax reform for me, his knowledgeable and insightful analysis in this

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